About Adopt an Officer

About Adopt an Officer

This site has been organized by American Patriots that believe in showing support of our communities' officers. Join us in our mission by spreading the word to your family, friends, and community today!


Note from organizers:


Fellow American!

It's time to step up for our the LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) and show our support!

We all know the difficulties the Police are having. In this present climate of hate toward the GREAT officers in our country, we would like to thank them by spreading much needed love their way.

Our LEO’s do so much to serve, help and protect us, it’s time to give back! With your support, we will put together gift bags to deliver to our LEO’s in every American city. Please consider joining us by adopting an officer near you at www.adoptanofficer.com

When you Adopt an Officer we will send a special gift box to an officer near you, along with a thank you card, kid’s drawings, and the like.

Come on American, Let’s DO THIS!



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