Answers to Your Questions – Adopt an Officer

Answers to Your Questions

Q1: How does this work?

A1: When you make a contribution on our website HERE, we'll package up a gift box and send it to an officer. It's really that simple.

Q1: How do you choose which officers to send to?

A1: We typically look for a department/agency/precinct that is close to where the contribution came from. We also have a list of requesting departments/agencies/precincts that have asked to be recipients. On a case-by-case basis we will send to an officer that has been requested by a contributor.

Q1: Is this legit?

A1: We understand that in the current state of our country some would be concerned about scams. Many have put their trust in us and we promise we are not going to betray that. We started this because we seen how our country's officers are being treated unfairly because of a few "bad apples" and we want to honor those who have bravely served to protect our country. You can trust us, but if you choose not to, we understand.

Q1: How long have you been doing this?

A1: We began receiving contributions in June 2020, and wow has this really caught on. Thank you to all of our contributors for taking a chance to join us in our mission of showing our appreciation to our heroic officers.

Q1: Are you a non-profit?

A1: As of right now, we are not.

Q1: Are you affiliated with any political parties?

A1: No, we are not. No portion of any funds will now or ever go towards contributing to any political parties. We stand as "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".

Q1: Why is a company out of California doing this?

A1: Not all Californians fit the stereotype. Many proud Americans live in the beautiful golden state. Northern California is filled with farmers and blue collar workers who support our nations heroes.